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23 Active Web Design Directories You Can Use for Link Building

Here’s my pet peeve.

I hate when lists like this include 100+ sites, and then you go to use them, and they’re all broken and busted.

There’s nothing worse than filling out a form only to click a submit button and find out the submission form isn’t working.

That’s why I’ve assembled this list of 23 web design directories that I’ve personally tested.

Every site listed here is online and actively accepting new submissions. Some require you to create a free account, but none of them require payment. Additionally, each one has a submission form and doesn’t require you to email or jump through any hoops to submit your site.

Free web design directories

In the table below, I’ve included a link to each site along with the dofollow/nofollow attribute of their links and any specific image requirements they have.

Before you begin submitting, it’s a good idea to have your site’s name, URL, and a 1-2 sentence description prepared. This way, you can quickly copy and paste the info into each site as you go. TextExpander snippets can make this even faster.

Here’s the collection of free design directories you can submit to:

Site NameDofollow/NofollowImage Requirements
Best CSSDofollow1280×780 jpg only
Design InspirationNofollow
Flat UINofollow
Folio FocusNofollow
CSS ShowcaseDofollow
Site InspireDofollow
The Best DesignsDofollow
Top CSS GalleryDofollow
Webdesign InspirationNofollow
CMS Made SimpleDofollow
Best CSS AwardDofollow1280×914
Nice One I LikeNofollow

How to use these directories to build links

Each one of these design directories has a submission form for listing your site.

To get a link, all you have to do is complete the form.

A submission form
This is a screenshot from the Best CSS submission form

Some sites have tight editorial guidelines and won’t publish your site unless it’s one of their favorite designs, but you can always resubmit in the future if you redesign your website.

When your site is published, most directories will give your site a new page, and that’s where the link is included, but some of them will link out directly from the homepage instead.

Links from a web design directory
Some sites will include multiple links

It’s a good idea to keep a spreadsheet of your submissions so you can reevaluate and resubmit to any directories that don’t end up publishing your site. Unless you purchase an express review package, most of them take about a month before they’ll publish your design.

How to get even more links

Submitting to design directories is a straightforward way to build links. It’s a perfect technique for new websites starting to show up in the search engines.

While it’s easy to implement, this tactic’s biggest drawback is its limited use. After you submit to the 23 design directories above, you’ve exhausted the link building method.

That’s why I know you’ll enjoy this list of additional tactics that don’t require content creation:

Link Building Without Content: 9 Tactics Anyone Can Use

Use those tactics to get new links every week and rank higher and higher.

Thanks for checking out this collection of the best web design directories for backlinks. Please share it with the buttons below if you know someone else who might like it too.

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Jahir Rayhan
10 months ago

Great Share