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13 Link Building Outreach Email Examples [Copy & Paste Templates]

There’s a reason why outreach is the preferred link building tactic of the modern SEO.

Outreach is:

The only downside to outreach is that the low conversion rates can wear you down. On average, outreach emails only land links about 5-15% of the time.

While you can always outsource this work and buy your links, there’s a lot you can do to end up on the 15% end of things (and get 3x the links).

In this post, you’ll find 13 different outreach tactics, each with a pre-written email you can copy & paste into your campaign. It’s recommended you customize each of the link building outreach email examples to best suit your needs, but they’ll give you plenty of guidance.

I use all-caps placeholders in these emails that look like this: PRODUCT

These are meant to be replaced with the relevant info e.g. the name of your product. Make sure to replace them before sending, whether you do that manually or with template tags provided by your outreach software.

1. Can you add my product to your list?

Hey there,

I saw your collection of PRODUCT and I noticed you didn't include OUR_PRODUCT. I think it would make a great addition because it has FEATURE that none of the others do.

I'd be happy to send you a high-res image and write a 150-word description just for your site if you're interested.

And to be clear, this is the page I am talking about: 


You can probably find hundreds of list posts in your niche. Search for as many as you can, and reach out to every site that isn’t already including your product with this pitch.

This email is offering free content, but you could also offer a free copy of your product if you think it’s relevant.

Check out my guide on building links with list posts if you want to get more in-depth with this tactic.

Note: I close this email with a link to their post. This is necessary for contact forms, but you could link “your collection” instead if you’re contacting them via email.


I saw you used an image I designed for my website in your post here: THEIR_URL

I don't mind it being used on your site, but could you include an image credit for where it was originally published: MY_URL

Thank you!

If you make attractive graphics for your site, other sites will copy them, and they’ll rarely link back. A simple request works great, and most sites will quickly update the post with a link to the image source.

You can use Image Prospector to find all of the sites that have copied your images and organize your outreach.

3. You mentioned our niche but not our product


I saw your post about TOPIC and noticed you didn't mention any tools to help. We make PRODUCT that I think your readers would love, and I was hoping you could mention it in your post. I'd be happy to write a product description and provide some photos if you're interested.

Let me know. Thanks!

You can find a massive number of prospects and reach entirely new audiences with this outreach strategy.

With this tactic, you’re finding articles that are written about your niche but are missing a product mention. For example, if you sell a juicer, then you would search for articles about juicing that don’t make a recommendation. Then you can cast your net even wider and search for articles about healthy drinks, coffee alternatives, and even weight loss. As long as there is a mention of juicing, your product can be a relevant recommendation to add.


I was looking at your article about TOPIC and noticed your link to this guide on TOPIC2:

It's a decent post, but some of the information is outdated and now misleading. We recently published our own guide about TOPIC2 with up-to-date info and graphics, and I was hoping you could update your post to share our article instead.

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Thanks!

If you don’t mind playing a little dirty, this tactic can be quite effective. Not only are you getting a new link to your site, but you’re also removing a link from a competitor’s website.

You’re going to have a hard time getting someone to swap the link out if there’s not anything wrong with the old guide, even if yours is better, so this tactic is going to work best when targeting outdated posts that contain time-sensitive information.

There are two decent ways to find prospects for this tactic.

First, you can sort your competitor’s pages by those with the most backlinks and look for any page that’s outdated.

Indexed Pages report in SEMRush
This is the Indexed Pages report from SEMRush sorted by linking domains

Alternatively, you can search in Google for the keyword you’re targeting, but use the time tool to set a custom range for more than 3 years ago. This doesn’t target your competitors, in particular, but can be more fruitful for turning up good pages to replace.

Start by setting a custom date range for your query.

Changing the date range in Google
Click on “Tools” to reveal the time option

Set the start date back as far as you want. More importantly, set the recent limit to at least three years back.

Setting a custom date range

Once you’ve done this, you’ll find all the highest ranking results that are three years or older. With my example query, it immediately turned up some strong results for republishing:

The top results with the date range set

The first result is almost five years old and throwing it into SEMRush revealed it has nearly 2,000 backlinks!

Backlinks for the page

This article is ripe for picking for anyone who publishes a more up-to-date version.

As you can see, this approach to finding content ideas is extremely effective since it comes with a built-in outreach campaign and list of prospects.

5. You mentioned my product but linked to the wrong place

Hey there,

Thanks so much for including MY_PRODUCT in your list of PRODUCTS!

I saw that you're linking to OTHER_SITE, but PROBLEM_WITH_THAT_SITE. I was wondering if you could update the link to this page instead since it doesn't have that issue: MY_URL

I'd be happy to send over screenshots and unique descriptions if you're interested in sharing any of our other products on our site too.

This tactic works really well if you have products listed on a marketplace, or if people frequently link to your Medium or Twitter account instead of your personal site.

You start by thanking them for including your product (or your name). This lets them know right away that they’re already a fan of your work and it’s not a completely cold contact.

You then give them a reason why it’s not great to link to the other site and a reason why it makes more sense to link to yours. This will take a bit of creativity on your part.

Then wrap up the email with a content offer to get links in even more list posts while you’re at it.

6. You mentioned us but didn’t link. Could you?


Thanks for giving us a shout out in your article on TOPIC!

If it's not too much trouble, would you mind linking our brand name to our website? 

This is okay on its own – it’s concise and to-the-point. But it will work better if you can give them a stronger reason to add the link. This can take some creativity, but here are some ideas for the next sentence:

We have competitors with similar names and want to make sure your readers get to the right place :)
You mentioned PRODUCTS and linking directly to our PRODUCTS_PAGE will help your readers find what they're looking for.

This outreach tactic has a relatively weak offer, so giving them a strong reason for adding the link helps. You could always bolster it with some added offer like affiliate commissions or sharing the article on your social channels.

You can set up a Google Alert for your brand name or use a brand-monitoring tool like Mention to find these link opportunities.

Additionally, you can run a search like this to find recent brand mentions in Google:

You’ll get the best results by searching for your brand name and then excluding your own domain from the results, like this:

"Brand Name"

Make sure to wrap your brand name in quotes to do a phrase search if it’s more than one word.

7. Can you review my product?


I saw your reviews of other PRODUCT_TYPE that are similar to ours. We make the popular PRODUCT and would love to see you cover it on your site too.

Can we send you a free copy?


Most sites these days charge for sponsored posts, but depending on the niche, you can probably find affiliates that will happily write a review for your product, especially if given a free copy.

This will work well on smaller blogs (DA 20-40) since they might not have contact with any affiliate managers yet and aren’t used to personal attention from brands. Working directly with them and even providing quotes for their review will get them excited to work with you.

8. I love your product! You can use my review.


I've been using PRODUCT for months now and I absolutely LOVE it. If you ever need a glowing customer testimonial, let me know. I'd be happy to write one.

Seriously, let me know :)

This tactic is very specific but can earn strong backlinks.

Make a list of your favorite products and check the website for each one. If they have a press or testimonials page on their site, send them this email, and you can score a link on that page.

You might end up on a reviews or testimonials page, but if you’re lucky, this tactic can get you a homepage link. Since it’s such a friendly email, there’s really no reason not to send it to a site that doesn’t have a testimonials page on the off chance that they publish your quote somewhere else.


I saw you listed COMPANY in your resource page here: THEIR_URL

Our PRODUCTS are similar and I think our company would make great addition to your collection. I can send over a short description and logo if you're interested in adding us.

Thanks for your consideration!

To use this tactic, you’ll need a backlink analyzer like Ahrefs, SEMRush, or Moz. Pull up a list of your competitor’s backlinks and find any that are on resource pages or list posts, and use this email to get yourself listed too.

10. I wrote a guide your readers will like


Great job on your TOPIC article. I just shared it on our social channels as I think our followers will enjoy it too.

While reading, I noticed you mentioned TOPIC2 but didn't include much background info. We have a very thorough guide about TOPIC2 that I think your readers might appreciate. Any chance you could update your post with a link to it?


This simple outreach tactic is popular because it gives you a large pool of prospects and can be re-run for every post you publish.

It typically doesn’t convert that well, so I spruced it up with some added value by sharing the article on social media. If you’re emailing too many prospects to make that possible, then save that part for the highest-quality sites to increase your chance of getting a link from them.

Hey there,

I saw your guide on TOPIC and I was wondering if you could add a link to our article on SIMILAR_TOPIC? I'd be happy to return the favor and link back to your site if you're interested.

Let me know!

Since you’ve got a decent offer (a backlink), you can save both parties time by getting straight to the point. Ask for the link and let them know you’ll link back.

If the recipient is actively engaged in link building, they’ll be more than happy to oblige. You just got them an editorial link without any prospecting or outreach!

Needless to say, this tactic converts quite well.

12. Can I publish a guest post?


Are you accepting new guest posts? I've got a few topics in mind and would love to write an article for your site.

Let me know if I can send some example titles over. Thanks!

If the site actively promotes that they accept guest posts, then just follow their guidelines for getting in touch. They normally have a specific contact form or email address for it and will ignore these requests if sent anywhere else.

If you find a site that has published guest posts in the past but doesn’t have any information about how to submit a post, they’re a good candidate for this type of outreach.

Keep the email short because there’s no reason for either party to spend time on this if they’re not publishing guest posts. Also, let them know that you’ll be the one writing the article and that you’re writing it for their site. This will immediately set you apart from the folks who outsourced 20 low-quality articles and are simply trying to find a home for them.

And lastly, instead of saying “I write high-quality content” like an SEO robot, just let them see the site you actively manage. All you need is a link in your signature and they’ll click on it if they’re considering letting you write a post.

Tip: Follow this guest post optimization guide to get more traffic and sales from every guest post you submit.


I thought you'd want to know that the link to ARTICLE in this post is broken: THEIR_URL

On that subject, I have a similar guide on the topic here if you'd like to link it instead: MY_URL

I thought that might save you the hassle of searching for a new replacement article :)

You’ve probably heard of broken link building before. The idea is that you find broken links and pitch your own page as a replacement.

The offer is weak by default: it’s a tiny improvement to their site that they have to essentially fix themselves. In this example email, I’m including the idea that I’m saving them time to make my offer seem more helpful and appealing.

Another way you could improve this email is by offering to send them a full list of all the broken links on their site.

Finding prospects is a bit complex, but you can refer to this guide to get all the steps.

Put these email templates to use

Armed with these 13 email outreach templates, you should be ready to launch your next campaign.

Any one of these emails can be used to build dozens, even hundreds of links, let alone implementing all thirteen.

The most important thing is that once you start your link building, you stick with it. It’s hard to build links continuously, but SEO is a long game, and sites that build links week after week, year after year are the ones that reap the most rewards.

Thanks for checking out these link building email outreach examples, and let us know in the comments which ones are your favorites.

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