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Link Builder’s Roundup #1: The Link Quality Edition

Starting today, I’ll be publishing link building roundups in between my usual link building tutorials.

In these roundups, you’ll find recently published articles about SEO (link building in particular) as well as news about important Google updates.

This roundup, in particular, takes a close look at link quality. Plus, some thoughts on complex SEO process management and more than a few link building tactics.

These articles are curated for SEOs with existing knowledge more so than beginners looking to learn the basics.

#1 Moz’s link quality graphics

I remember seeing Moz’s original post in 2010 with similar graphics, but they’ve gone above and beyond with this new post.

Each graphic demonstrates a single rule of link quality, and it’s a great refresher if you haven’t thought deeply about linking tactics in a while.

All Links Are Not Created Equal: 20 Graphics on Google’s Valuation of Links

Moz link graphics

Given how tough it can be to garner new backlinks these days, I’ll take any edge I can get. These small insights will help squeeze every bit of value out of each link.

#2 Quality > Quantity

This is probably old news to you, but sometimes it bears repeating:

Link quality is more important than link quantity.

Google: It Is About Link Quality Not Link Quantity

If you’re not exactly sure what makes a link high-quality, refer to resource #1 above 😉

#3 Key insights for managing complex SEO processes

This presentation by Aleyda Solis isn’t exactly about link building, but I included it because it’s downright awesome.

Aleyda recognizes the growing complexity and competition in the SEO market, and presents strategies for professional SEOs not just to cope, but to thrive in this ambitious environment.

Set aside some time for this one because you’re going to be pausing to think and take notes after practically every slide.

#4 Link Building Q&A

SEO is rapidly changing and that means there are always new questions to ponder.

Do I need to disavow links still?

Should I try to replace the links I’ve lost?

This Q&A addresses these questions and more.

Link Building Q&A with Expert Women in Marketing & SEO

#5 Link building tactics for eCommerce stores

Who doesn’t love a good list post?

This article by eCommerce Platforms covers a huge variety of tactics that eCommerce stores can use to attract and build links to their site.

Ecommerce SEO (Mar 2021): 50 Fantastic and Unusual Link Building Techniques

Even if you don’t manage SEO for an eCommerce store, you might find some tactics here you can apply to your business. Oftentimes, this meshing of ideas across industries is where truly innovative tactics emerge.

Major takeaways

There’s a ton to unpack from these articles, but here are five major takeways from this roundup:

  1. It’s not just the site that matters; the page a backlink is on and even the part of the page it appears in can have a drastic effect on the power of the link.
  2. Link quality is more important than quantity, so dedicate the time required to get links from reputable sites.
  3. When evaluating links, a good question to ask yourself is, “will this link become more valuable over time?”
  4. SEO success in 2021 requires more strategic, high-level thinking than in the past.
  5. There are always fresh tactics. Don’t be afraid to see what SEOs are doing in other industries and apply it to your own niche.

Thanks for joining me on this first Link Builder’s Roundup!

If you gained some key insights from this collection, please use the buttons below to share this article with someone else. And if there’s something you want to share for the next roundup, get in touch via our contact form. I can’t promise inclusion, but I’ll be happy to see what you’ve got.

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