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How Much Do Backlinks Cost and Should You Buy Them?

You might be wondering…

“Why am I going through all the hassle of building my own links when I can just pay someone else?”

And if you’re going to pay an agency, how much is it going to cost?

In this post, I evaluated the pricing from seven top link building agencies to calculate the average price of a backlink.

Keep reading to find out what I learned.

After researching services provided by seven popular link building agencies, I found that the average cost of a backlink is $192.23.

A single backlink costs $192.23 these days.Click to Tweet

The cost of a backlink ranged from $40 for a DA 10+ link insertion to $500 for a DA 50+ guest post.

In my research, I looked at two types of backlinks that are commonly sold:

  • Guest post backlinks
  • Backlink insertions

The price of these services is similar, and $192.23 is an average from both.

To give you a clearer idea of exactly how much a backlink costs, I’ve included tables below with all of the pricing data used in my analysis.

Note: I’ve only included services that include the DA of the links and have their pricing available on their site or inside their client dashboard. This is not a sponsored post.

Guest post backlink prices

The price of a guest post link ranged from $46-500 based on the service provider and Domain Authority, with an overall average price of $203.41 per link.

The average cost of a guest post backlink is $203.41Click to Tweet

Here’s the data for how much a guest post backlink costs:

ServiceDA 10+DA 20+DA 30+DA 40+DA 50+
The HOTH$100$150$200$400$500
Outreach Monks$49$79$119$219$319
Rhino Rank$75$95$120$260
Fat Joe$46$66$93$238$476
Outreach Mama$230$300$370
Average price$67.50$97.50$152.40$283.40$416.25

When you purchase a guest post, the SEO agency will write an original post for you and reach out to one of their contacts with a relevant site to get the article placed. The turnaround time for this type of link is usually a few weeks.

Guest posts are a good choice if you want your link to be surrounded with original and highly relevant content. If you don’t mind your backlink being placed in an existing article, you’ll probably prefer link insertion backlinks.

The price of a link insertion (sometimes called a niche edit) ranged from $40-450 based on the service provider and Domain Authority, with an overall average price of $181.04 per link.

The average cost of a link insert (niche edit) is $181.04Click to Tweet

Link insertions cost less than guest posts because the SEO agency doesn’t have to write a blog post to get the backlink.

Here’s the data for how much a backlink insertion costs:

ServiceDA 10+DA 20+DA 30+DA 40+DA 50+DA 60+$325$375$450
Outreach Monks$69$89$179$279$379
Rhino Rank$40$52$90
Fat Joe$79$106$132$238$476
Link Building HQ*$40$60$85$140$200
Average price$59.50$66.75$92.75$206.75$317.50$343

When you purchase a backlink insertion, the agency will contact sites looking for a relevant page where they can get your link added.

The turnaround time is normally faster on a link insertion than a guest post because you’re not waiting for the content to be created first. Additionally, a few of the agencies offer 60+ DA sites, which is not offered by any service provider for guest posts.

If you’re not as concerned about the content that your link is inserted into and you don’t mind it sharing the page with other paid backlinks, this is a great service to choose for your link building.

Now that you know how much a backlinks costs, it raises another question…

Ultimately, this comes down to your budget and your competencies.

If you’ve never done link building before, you may get poor conversion rates leading to lots of emailing and very few backlinks. This could prove distracting, frustrating, and extremely time-consuming.

On the other hand, if you already have experience running email outreach campaigns, you can likely build thousands of dollars worth of backlinks on your own. For someone like you, the cost of a backlink might seem high.

If you’re interested in building backlinks yourself, I’d recommend checking out some of our link building tutorials:

If you’re leaning towards buying your backlinks, there’s one more thing you need to know…

Before I say what I have to say, let’s clear the air.

I’m not affiliated with any of the agencies listed above, and this isn’t a sponsored post. I made a point of not linking to any of them to make it clear I’m not getting paid to write this article.

With that said, my advice for buying links is to purchase the higher quality links rather than the cheaper links.


Because you’ll get way more link juice for your dollar since DA uses a logarithmic scale, but SEO services scale their prices at an incremental rate.

Logarithmic scales are used to compress a wide range of numbers into a more compact range. There are many millions of times more small sites than massively popular sites like Twitter and Wikipedia, which is why a logarithmic scale is needed to shrink the DA range down to 0-100.

In other words, a site with DA 20 is actually more than twice as authoritative as a DA 10 site. It could be five or even ten times as authoritative. We don’t know the exact scale because SEO tools don’t reveal it, but they have confirmed the use of logarithmic scales.*

Anyways, here’s what I’m getting at…

Purchasing a DA 60 backlink might cost 6x as much as a DA 10 backlink, but you’re going to get upwards of 100,000x as much link juice because DA is on a logarithmic scale.

Not to mention, there’s a very high chance a DA 10 site won’t even be online a year from now, whereas a DA 60 site will likely never go offline because it has so much value based on its authority alone. It will get sold to a new owner rather than shut down.

In conclusion, it’s better to buy fewer higher DA links because you’re going to get a lot more “link juice.”

*SEO tools like Moz have confirmed they use a logarithmic scale but haven’t revealed what base the logarithm uses.

Here’s what to do next

Now that you know the average cost of a backlink is $192.23, it really puts things in perspective.

For that price, you can get an Image Prospector subscription for the next 10 months, and you’ll break even if you get just one backlink. We’re pretty confident you can do that 😉

Try building links with Image Prospector

If you have any questions about this research or how the cost of a backlink was calculated, post in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

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