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Your Favorite New Link Building Tool

And why we built one

Link building has never been harder.

And yet, links remain one of, if not the most important ranking factor.

Whether you love link building or hate it, there’s no way around it.

You need links to rank.

But the last thing the world needs is another link building tool, right?

… right?

Why we built another link building tool

With all the SEO tools out there, you’d think there’d be one for every tactic.

But there’s not.

There’s one completely under-utilized tactic that gets high-authority links, and there’s not a single good tool to help SEOs with it.

A simple way to get authority links

If you run an active blog or practice content marketing, there’s a good chance you have unique graphics on your site. Even more likely is that many websites have copied your images without giving you credit, and therein lies the simple, effective link building tactic missing from your arsenal.

If you can find these sites, you can reach out and request they link back to the original source. Most sites will link immediately since it’s the right thing to do and they don’t want any legal repercussions over something so minor.

And what do you get? Loads of editorial backlinks.

But if this tactic is so simple and effective, it bears asking, why isn’t everyone using it? And why aren’t YOU using it?

Because finding these sites takes forever.

Sure, you could use Google’s reverse image search tool to manually lookup all your images, but this is like Googling your keywords every day to find your rankings.

It’s a tedious and wasteful process that can be easily automated with an application.

And that’s why we built Image Prospector.

Introducing, Image Prospector

Image Prospector is the first dedicated reverse image search tool for SEOs. It’s powered by the Google image search API, so you get all the same results, without tedious manual searching.

With Image Prospector, you can upload your images, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and when you come back, you’ll have a list of every site using your images.

Even better, we filter out the low-quality results and sort the rest using Ahref’s Domain Rating metric. Then you can quickly export the top prospects to your outreach tool of choice.

From then on, your images will be checked every month for new sites. That means fresh new prospects and new links, month after month.

And I know what you’re thinking…

“Where are the screenshots? How do I try it out!?”

We’re moving as fast as we can, but the app isn’t ready for the limelight quite yet. We’ll be updating this post soon with screenshots as we finalize the interface, and we can’t wait to get beta testers on board, but for now…

The best thing you can do is use the form below to subscribe, and that way, you’ll get the notification the moment we launch.

If you subscribe now, you may be selected as an early tester and get a free account too.

We can’t wait to build links with you!